mosquitoes’ hang out.

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mosquitoes' hang out.

Mosquitoes hang out on a thread of spider silk strung between potted houseplants.

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Mosquitoes hanging out in the garden, from a single thread of spider silk strung between pots of houseplants.

This was a squadron of about 30 mosquitoes (I don’t think they were Crane flies). The body is about 1 cm, the legs about 3 cm. They wear distintive white ‘socks’ {how fashionable!} and are green just behind the thorax {they had happy hour on my plants?}.

I read that the male mosquitoes are ‘vegetarian’, feeding on plant sap and juices. Some of the female ones feed on blood, for the protein, before they breed. Male or female, I brought down this squadron after photographing them.. with a single spray of aerosal insecticide. {yep.. the top guns all crashed.}


Neurothemis fluctuans {Grasshawk dragonfly}

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Neurothemis fluctuans {Grasshawk dragonfly}

Neurothemis fluctuans {Grasshawk dragonfly}



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