cricket {bw}

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cricket {bw}

Cricket on decorative banana plant.




Cricket on the flower

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Cricket on the flower

Cricket on Sanchezia speciosa {Family: Acanthaceae}

A cricket hides on a Sanchezia speciosa {Family: Acanthaceae}, a colourful plant. Ants like this plant too. Sanchezia is named for José Sanchez, a nineteenth-century professor of botany at Cadiz, Spain. I like the vivid colours of this plant. The cricket was a good model for this shot. It hardly moved. Photographed at Kipandi Butterfly Park.


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cricket on decorative banana plant

Cricket on decorative banana plant at Kipandi Butterfly Park.

A cricket on the leaf of a decorative banana plant. Photographed inside the butterfly enclosure at Kipandi Butterfly Park. The site is netted all around to keep out birds and other predators, such as dragonflies.

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