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golden birdwing, troides amphrysus.

Golden Birdwing.. and a tiny friend. Love this large butterfly.

hanging out.Female Golden Birdwing hanging out.



hanging out.

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golden birdwing resting, troides amphrysus

Female Golden Birdwing (troides amphrysus) at rest. Kipandi Butterfly Park.

Female Golden Birdwing (troides amphrysus) hanging out in the shade of a leafy branch. I saw a few of them doing this, forelegs and middle legs hooked on the branch, proboscis wrapped around it. Perhaps resting after their morning feed of nectar. They like the lantanas.

These large butterflies have a wingspan of up to 15 centimetres, and are usually the last butterflies to retire before dusk. They have a set of distinctive hindwings. The female has much more of the markings near the edge of the wings. The male has very little of the markings on the hindwings. Both male and female are yellow on the underside of the abdomen.

Trogonoptera brookiana (Rajah Brooke’s Birdwing)

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Trogonoptera brookiana (Rajah Brooke's Birdwing) 

Trogonoptera brookiana (Rajah Brooke's Birdwing) at Kipandi Butterfly Park.

Dedicated to Rajah Sir James Brooke (29 April 1803 – 11 June 1868), the first white rajah of Sarawak.

Rajah Brooke's Birdwing {trogonoptera brookiana}

Rajah Brooke's Birdwing {trogonoptera brookiana}

mosquitoes’ hang out.

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mosquitoes' hang out.

Mosquitoes hang out on a thread of spider silk strung between potted houseplants.

~Lightbox~   My set for butterflies and other insects.

Mosquitoes hanging out in the garden, from a single thread of spider silk strung between pots of houseplants.

This was a squadron of about 30 mosquitoes (I don’t think they were Crane flies). The body is about 1 cm, the legs about 3 cm. They wear distintive white ‘socks’ {how fashionable!} and are green just behind the thorax {they had happy hour on my plants?}.

I read that the male mosquitoes are ‘vegetarian’, feeding on plant sap and juices. Some of the female ones feed on blood, for the protein, before they breed. Male or female, I brought down this squadron after photographing them.. with a single spray of aerosal insecticide. {yep.. the top guns all crashed.}

Malay Lacewing {cethosia hypsea hypsina} on lantana.

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Malay Lacewing {cethosia hypsea hypsina} on lantana.

Malay Lacewing {cethosia hypsea hypsina} on lantana at Kipandi Butterfly Park.

~Lightbox~ My butterfly set

A beautiful butterfly with wings of orange and red surrounded by broad black borders. The wings are scalloped, giving the hind-wings its sawtooth-like edges. The undersides are orange and red with white fasciae and black spots forming an intricate pattern. (There are quite a number of subspecies with different patterns and colours.)

Wikipedia: Genus cethosia .

Butterflies of Singapore (blog): Excellent information here .

neurothemis fluctuans {grasshawk dragonfly}

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neurothemis fluctuans {grasshawk dragonfly}

Neurothemis fluctuans {Grasshawk dragonfly} in my garden. The females are yellow, males are red.

Lightbox / Dragonfly set.


cricket {bw}

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cricket {bw}

Cricket on decorative banana plant.



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