raffles’ pitcher plant – nepenthes rafflesiana.

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raffles' pitcher plant,nepenthes rafflesiana.

raffles' pitcher plant {nepenthes rafflesiana} at Kipandi Butterfly Park.

Old Nepenthes Rafflesiana at Kipandi Butterfly Park. {Name taken from ID tag on the plant.}

The N. Rafflesiana is a widespread lowland species common in Borneo but has a restricted distribution in Peninsular Malaysia and Sumatra. It likes open, sandy wet areas. It can be found at sea level and also at elevations up to 1,500 metres. It produces two distinct types of pitchers (modified leaves). The lower pitchers are generally round and squat, with ‘winged’ fringes. The upper pitchers are narrow at their base.

The species is extremely variable in form and colours. In Borneo alone, there are three varieties; upper pitchers, lower pitchers and the giant pitchers. This specimen above, a lower pitcher, is drying up, but the distinctive ‘winged’ fringe and elongated neck of the peristome is clearly seen. It is a scrambling vine with stems that can climb to 15 metres high. Unlike the Venus flytrap, all nepenthes do no have movable parts and are passive carnivores.

Wikipedia: Nepenthes rafflesiana


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