nepenthes platychila

March 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

nepenthes platychila

Nepenthes platychila at Kipandi Butterfly Park.

Nepenthes are seldom given common names. The species platychila is endemic to the Hose Mountains of central Sarawak. This one was photographed in a conservation nursery at Kipandi Butterfly Park. {Name taken from ID tag on the plant.}

Generally, nepenthes is a genus of passive carnivorous tropical pitcher plant. The pitcher is a bizarrely modified part of a leaf. There are no movable parts. Insects are attracted by sweet-tasting nectar on the peristomes. Once inside, they are unable to climb the slippery wall of the pitcher. The insect drowns and its body is digested by juices secreted into the water held in the pitcher.

There are 82 known species of nepenthes worldwide. They can be found in the moist tropics. The Island of Borneo is the centre of the nepenthes diversity with more than 30 species.


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