mosquitoes’ hang out.

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mosquitoes' hang out.

Mosquitoes hang out on a thread of spider silk strung between potted houseplants.

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Mosquitoes hanging out in the garden, from a single thread of spider silk strung between pots of houseplants.

This was a squadron of about 30 mosquitoes (I don’t think they were Crane flies). The body is about 1 cm, the legs about 3 cm. They wear distintive white ‘socks’ {how fashionable!} and are green just behind the thorax {they had happy hour on my plants?}.

I read that the male mosquitoes are ‘vegetarian’, feeding on plant sap and juices. Some of the female ones feed on blood, for the protein, before they breed. Male or female, I brought down this squadron after photographing them.. with a single spray of aerosal insecticide. {yep.. the top guns all crashed.}


bulbophyllum gracillimum

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bulbophyllum gracillimum

Bulbophyllum gracillimum (The Graceful Bulbophyllum or The Wispy Umbrella Orchid) at Kipandi Butterfly Park.

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The bulbophyllum gracillimum is a small sized epiphyte that likes cool to hot growing conditions. It is found in Thailand, Myanmar, Peninsula Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Moluccas, New Guinea, Sulawesi, Solomon islands, Australia, Fiji and New Caledonia. It grows on the trunks of trees in rainforests at elevations of up to 150 metres.

The small flowers with purple eyes and long tails are 2.5cm to 3cm across, and grow at the apex of the inflorescence. A unique and fragrant orchid. The Internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia has more info here.

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