trichotosia velutina {the velvety trichotosia}

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trichotosia velutina {the velvety trichotosia}

Trichotosia velutina {The Velvety Trichotosia} at Orchid de Villa.


Trichotosia Velutina {The Velvety Trichotosia} is found in Burma, Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Papua and New Guinea and Borneo. It is an epiphyte that likes hot growing conditions at elevations of up to 1,100 metres above sea level. The floral bracts and 1.25 cm flowers are hairy. The flowers are short-lived and do not open well. More info about the trichotosia velutina on internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia here.


Malay Lacewing {cethosia hypsea hypsina} on lantana.

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Malay Lacewing {cethosia hypsea hypsina} on lantana.

Malay Lacewing {cethosia hypsea hypsina} on lantana at Kipandi Butterfly Park.

~Lightbox~ My butterfly set

A beautiful butterfly with wings of orange and red surrounded by broad black borders. The wings are scalloped, giving the hind-wings its sawtooth-like edges. The undersides are orange and red with white fasciae and black spots forming an intricate pattern. (There are quite a number of subspecies with different patterns and colours.)

Wikipedia: Genus cethosia .

Butterflies of Singapore (blog): Excellent information here .

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