coelogyne pandurata {the lute-shaped coelogyne}

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coelogyne pandurata {the lute-shaped coelogyne}

Coelogyne Pandurata (The Lute-shaped Coelogyne) photographed at Kipandi Butterfly Park.

~Lightbox~ My wild orchids set.

This specie, coelogyne pandurata {the lute-shaped coelogyne}, inhabits the lowlands of Borneo, often forming massive clumps on tree trunks along river banks next to rainforest. It is also popular in cultivation because of its large green flowers which have an almost black, violin shaped labellum. It is among some species of orchids commonly called “black orchids”. The flower has a sweet fragrance to attract insect pollinators. Much sought after by hybridizers. {More information on Internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia here.}

Wikipedia information on the genus Coelogyne:-

“Coelogyne Lindl. 1821, is a genus of over 200 sympodial epiphytes from the family Orchidaceae, distributed across India, China, Indonesia and the Fiji islands, with the main centers in Borneo, Sumatra and the Himalayas. They can be found from tropical lowland forests to montane rainforests. A few species grow as terrestrials or even as lithophytes in open, humid habitats.”

“The scientific name is derived from the Greek words koilos (hollow) and gyne (woman), referring to the concave stigma. This genus lacks the saccate base of the labellum, a typical characteristic which is present in the other genera in the subtribe Coelogyninae.”

Another photo of the coelogyne pandurata.

Coelogyne pandurata {black orchid}


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