Liparis latifolia

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Liparis latifolia

Liparis latifolia

The Liparis latifolia is distributed in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Guinea, Philippines and Thailand at elevations of 200 to 1,700 metres (656 to 5,577 feet). The inflorescence can grow to 25cm (9.8 inches) long. It arches gently with between 10 to 80 flowers spaced about 1cm apart and alternate in position. The flowers measure only 1cm (0.4 inch) across.

On Borneo this species grows as an epiphyte and is found in shade close to the forest floor near to streams and rivers. It does not have a scent and flowers semi-annually, lasting only a few days. {Wikipedia: Epiphyte: ” ..a plant that grows upon another plant (as a tree) non parasitically…”}

There are more than 30,000 species of orchids around the world and 1,500 can be found in Borneo. Generally, most wild orchids have little or no commercial value. They are either too small, take too long to produce flowers, have flowers that last only a few days or hours, or they look like weeds. The ones commonly found in orchid farms are hybrids. {I have heard that some orchids flower every 12 years, and the flowers last only a few hours. Definitely for hardcore enthusiasts only. }


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